Instant Game Action with No Download Casino

A no download casino is ideal especially for players with slow internet connections, small hard disk memory space, slow-running computers, and people who dislike the idea of downloading bulky game software. After all, why go through the trouble of downloading casino game software when you can gamble without doing so? No download casino requires no software. This means you get nothing but instant play— no time to spend downloading and installing a software.

All a no download casino requires browser plugin like Shockwave, Java, and Flash. It may even use html. In other words, no download casino is web-based or browser-based. And so it can be played within a few seconds just the way a song from a music site can be played within a portion of a minute. Flash technology or java is a readily-available program. Afterall, it is used by many internet-based applications like music and videos. If you listen to songs or watch videos uploaded from a website, java or flash is most likely already installed in your computer.

In a no download casino, animation, sounds, and graphic are loaded through the browser plug-in. Bandwidth is also, therefore, required.

However, a no download casino requires no specific browser or operating system. As long as you have a stable and fast internet connection, you can definitely play in a no download casino.

Though no download casinos offer less casino games than software download casinos, still they offer a good number of casino games. A no download casino offers a complete list of casino game classics and favorite table games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, keno, slots, and video poker.

A no download casino may offer just as many types of bonuses as a software-based casino. But while a download casino requires downloading of software, signing up, and placing an initial deposit to receive a deposit bonus, you can get your deposit bonus from a no download casino with lesser number of requirements. With no time to be spent on downloading, you’ll receive your bonus in a much shorter time.

And since there’s no software to download, this means more free disk space for your computer and least chances of getting .exe file viruses.

Typically, online casinos offer both software version and no download versions. No download or flash-based versions upload games swiftly. So if you have no patience for waiting to download large casino software, if you have little room for casino software, if you have sluggish internet connection, then no download casino is for you.