Thoughts and Tips on Earning and Using Comps

Are you curious about casino comps? Comps are rebates a house gives in the form of various freebies like free drinks, jewelry, t-shirts and other souvenir items, rooms and so on. You become eligible for comps when you play often enough and play the right games. Read on to learn more.

Tips for Getting Comps

Anyone who goes to play in a casino should ask for a comp card. But not every casino may be the right place for you to get comps. First check if it is a casino that caters to the type of gambler you are. If you are only a local or a low roller, you had better avoid fancy casinos that target celebrities, VIPs and wealthy tourists. These types of gamblers visit such casinos for reasons other than comps, such as services, amenities, shows, etc.

The best places to go are smaller, middle-class type casinos. These cater mostly to locals and low-rolling tourists. When you go there, just walk over to the players’ booth and ask for a card.

Slots vs. Table Games

Comps pay off more for slots play than table games. One reason for this is that more money is wagered per hour while playing slots than in a table game like roulette or blackjack. As a result, comps accumulate faster. If you want to be rated while playing table games, make sure you play for at least an hour or so. Unlike slot play which can be tracked automatically by a slot card, table game play is monitored by a human – the pit boss – and if they see you playing only briefly, they might not note your playing time at all.

Another reason why slots work better for earning comps is because you are awarded more points just for playing them. Why? Because slots have a relatively low payback percentage. The casinos get more money from games with low payback percentage, so they can afford to give bigger rebates. Blackjack is not only a slow-playing table game; it also has one of the highest payback rates in the casino which means the casino earns much less. If you wager $200 in an hour playing blackjack, a 2% edge means a $4 profit for the casino. If you play perfect strategy, they only get $1. You get about 20-30% rebate or comp off that. Not much, is it?

Various Comps Tips

To get the most out of comps, try our tips:

Go to the same casino every time to establish loyalty. Visit more than once on a single trip. Play slot machines and video-based games. Play table games for extended periods especially if you bet small. Make sure the pit boss notices you when you’re losing. Always use your slot card. Always ask to be rated for table games. Ask politely about comps. Tip dealers and waitresses. Be friendly to the staff; it’s easier to get comps when you’re friendly with the staff than when you’re not. Charge to your room when you go to a restaurant or make use of hotel services. Use casino coupons from magazines, clubs or funbooks.

As a final word, let us remind you that comps are there to win your loyalty. if you have no intention of going back to the casino and it shows, the casino won’t be interested in comping you. Do your best to be a regular customer – or at least, appear like one. And for that matter, be the good type of customer. Don’t be rude and don’t get drunk. Have a good time and enjoy yourself. The casino will enjoy it too.